A new UK-based site, is wanting to bring in new borrowers by giving so-called % interest payday loans. There’s a catch, although they offer short term loans without interest. There is no interest for the first eight days, but after that initial period, there’s a daily fee based on the amount of the loan. Which means that the report that the loans are “interest free” is somewhat misleading. Obviously, the company wouldn’t make any money if they were just giving it out—in fact, they would lose money, as there would be no profit to be gained. The corporation is set to generate money off of borrowers who won’t have the capacity to repay the borrowed funds promptly, and may then be met with staggering rates. Borrowers who can’t pay the loan back in the beginning will often take out another loan to get rid of the earlier one, and that can produce a never-ending loop of debt.

Payday cash loans are nothing new, and they’ve often been seen as a kind of “predatory lending.” Typically, businesses that offer pay day loans are located within low-income neighborhoods where people will probably wind up eager for cash. Online payday loans are known for their notoriously high rates of interest, that may sometimes climb up to one thousandPer cent APR. The new zero-interest payday loans are likely being presented to borrowers as an alternative to the traditional high-interest loans, but the fact is that they do come with interest, just not in the short term.

Many experts predicted that the recession and also the sub-prime mortgage crisis would resulted in a reduction in predatory lending. However, apparently the alternative has occurred. Because of the financial difficulties experienced by many American citizens since the Recession, predatory lending has not only increased in intensity, but has adopted more deceptive marketing techniques in order to persuade consumers to take out loans.

However they are all temporary loans considered “predatory”? Or, are some short term loans reasonable enough within their terms and rates to prove a highly effective solution for consumers being affected by financial difficulties and cash shortages?

Payday loans are only one of the short term loans available, and consumers should consider the variety of other options at their disposal before diving into a high-interest payday loan. As an illustration, auto title loans have grown to be favored by many consumers due to distinct advantages they feature over many other short term loans. Car title loans offer lower rates than “cash advance” loans. Title loans come with longer repayment periods than other short-run loans, allowing borrowers around three years to repay anything they owe. In addition, borrowers may consider other types of secured loans offering money in return for a number of the borrower’s property as collateral.

When it comes to short term loan options, make sure you keep the following tips at heart:

Enquire about the interest for your full term from the loan.

Know your collateral. If you default, what do you stand to lose?

The length of time is it necessary to repay the borrowed funds?

It remains to be seen whether “no interest” online payday loans will become loved by borrowers who are searching for short-term cash. One important thing is definite: it’s always better to determine what you’re agreeing to when using any financial service. It probably is if something sounds too good to be true.


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